The COVID-19 pandemic depression hit the economy in early 2020. Many employees were laid off into the uncertainty of keeping heads above water in a dry market. The companies who prospered and embraced them unlucky employees should be entitled and recognized. #GeneralMotors – my employer, is one of them. Coronavirus lightened up and fear of unemployment faded. However, employees stick to their workplace. Why such a phenomenon?

Thanks to the pandemic, most of us started working from home. It was a blessing, zero commute and no traffic spared several hours and plenty of energy for most of us. Out of the blue, Frequent opportunities for hobbies and family activities emerged. That became possible since the employee and the employer approach toward working from home has intrinsically changed.

Before the pandemic, working from home was not comfortable for many of us due to improvised and uncomfortable home-office. Moreover, it was not the normal thing to do. Many employees often have to make sure they are not forgotten behind in meetings and discussions. Eventually, it affects their productivity. 

The pandemic made working from home inevitable. Many workplaces helped their employees to build a comfortable home office. IT departments provided new infrastructure to keep the communication active and productive among the employees. Eventually, the new reality made it possible to develop a new intercommunication workplace protocol for the sake of productivity. 

Working from home became comfortable, productive and normal. My workplace took one step further, and sent on an occasional basis presents with motivation messages. Together, with the spared time and surplus energy, work-life-balance became a reality. Workplaces that successfully consolidated working from home, became a sticky and attractive arena for the employees to stay.

I must admit, working full-time from home is not a summer breeze. Attending the workplace got a good taste of its own. Whether it is the social aspect or the fun activities many workplaces grant to its employees such as music rooms and gyms.

A hybrid model of working from home is the name of the game. Protect it, embrace it and make it your right. This is the approach my employer follows. Accomplishing a work life balance as a standard for each employee. Thank you #GeneralMotors.