The public cloud model is dangerous. It is a competition killer and insecure because the hosting service controls your top secret – the product idea. In this post, I discuss a model that ensures no one will eat your lunch. Oh, it is also easier on your hard earned money.

Here is a funny fact. Statistics say, 90% of property burglary crimes are committed  by someone who has been into the property before. Same in the public cloud platforms, when they get accurate analytics, they will understand the market and eventually they will steal your idea, ending up competing with the customer on the same market share. Well, Netflix will approve that it was backstabbed by AWS! Remember, treat your data the same as your underwear, never expose it as it is your firewall against the copycats.

Privacy is a big concern for regulated services. Therefore, they usually choose a private cloud. Most common caveats of the private cloud model is its scale and latency with far zones. Some adopt the option of merging both private and public cloud which gives hybrid cloud. Does it? WRONG!

Hybrid cloud is the worst practice a sane engineer can think of as it is costly for maintenance and the service usually behaves differently on each environment. This is the programmer hell. I say that merging a private cloud model with a public cloud model gives a private public cloud model. Not a hybrid cloud model. It is not a toyota! So how does it work exactly?

It is a deep solution with many edge cases. However, In a nutshell, the public platform leases you infrastructure: zones and bare-metals. The user picks the agile CI/CD tools to use. This is where products such as IBM UrbanCode  come in handy (I used it when I worked for IBM and I love that company. I am not sponsored!). The main difference here is that the PaaS is not provided by the public cloud provider, it is picked by the customer. This slight difference grants the customer a private cloud safety over a public cloud distribution.

If you reached this line, you must be interested in the idea. Why not leave a comment so it may motivate me toward a detailed post on the topic.