Locate your friends with permission on google maps live!


Have you ever wondered how to be a better stalker? How to be a better BIG BROTHER? How to disclose your data securely without revealing it to any unwanted party? well, my friend, I added the Friends Location Android App to the Ultimate Arsenal.

Facebook did it but it is no good

Google and Waze did it but it sucks

I did it and its growth is going SKYROCKETING

How it is all began?

The Idea behind this app goes back to the year 2013, A year before graduating. I had a new neighbor whom I liked to prank – enjoying his frenzy reaction. I wanted to go all digital to stalk him in order to keep my dopamine up. Well, The conservative approach kept me with my blackberry for a long time until 2016.


I learned Android and built a new app integrated into the Redhat Openshift platform. The free quota ended pretty soon and the app stopped working.

The Comeback

A pioneer stalker sent me an email asking me to bring this app to life So I decided to fast track the project and Design a new one integrated with the superb technology of Firebase.


Choose or lose


After experiencing with React Native, I was down on my luck as it for those who want to do the bare minimum so I chose Android to get the job done.

Reinventing the wheel?

Of course not. Facebook was not designed for locating peers or friends Neither do google maps or Waze. The Friend Location app was born for this.


Keeping up with the high growth

In the meanwhile, there is no concrete plan to convert free users into paying ones. However, in order to bypass the quota exceeding timeout, an appropriate message will pop up to the user clearing the delay reasons.