I’ve been a windows user throughout my computer interaction. This format has been broke twice. One while working at IBM and the second time when started working for Amazon.

First time I put my hand at a MacBook Pro 15”, I’ve got a pretty bad impression. However, when I received the 13” Macbook pro at Amazon,

I regreted that I wasted my life using Windows.

With a hindersight, my bad impression was due to the fact that I was trying to apply a windows concept on a MacOs Concept.

Apple is a different taste

After watching the next Video, I understood that I have to put my head arround Apple concept behind its MacOs experience.

Some History

I’ve been using windows OS until last 4 months, I started using macOS for work purposes.

Started with Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, WindowsXP, Vista, Windows7, 8 and now using Windows10.

As you may notice, it is pretty much my standard. However, I noticed that some colleagues at work walking the hall proudly with the MacBook pro so

I Decided switching from windows 7 on Lenovo E460 to Macbook pro High Sierra 10.13

My Desk

My MacBook Pro is connected to another 2 monitors via a Dock station – Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 station,


This dock station was not built for Apple products, though it can be hijacked to work with MacBook type-c port with the price of:

  1. Sometimes, the three screens start blinking when connecting the Laptop to the dock station power, still cannot find out the reason. As a workaround, I switch off the dock station when the laptop is unplugged and then reconnect again.
  2. The order of the screens depends in what MacBook port I plugged in the dock station. I need to try another port in order to get the right order.

The solution is to disconnect physically one monitor from the docking station, then connect the macbook with the docking station. after the connected monitor comes up, reconnect the previous one.

Compared with my previous laptop, These issues don’t bother me as with Lenovo E460 and Lenovo dock station I had worse issues such as I need to hard reboot the laptop if I unplugged it when the laptop screen is closed or the internal battery was damaged after sudden dock station connection…

Notice the Trojan, i keep it outside my OS for security reasons.

Working with Samsung curved screen and Spectacle app, solved this issue as I have one big monitor now. Which happens to be way easier with mac compared to windows.


  1. Colors and resolution: Radeon Pro 455 2 GB with Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB make it a hell of a show, add to that the Ratina glass.
  2. Performance:

    16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Memory with 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, this laptop doesn’t blink

  3. Speakers: yes, speakers it is important when you got no external speakers at work or you got no time connecting them at home, high-quality sound is needed.
  4. Materials quality: Except the sharp edges, it doesn’t feel like a 20 bucks plastic body.
  5. Battery: I can work all day without charging.
  6. Multi-touch strip: It grants you the needed features for the focused app.
  7. touchpad: With the power click, it is a smart and easy to use one. Well, you learn all the gestures and you get frustrated when using another touchpad. I hated touchpads all the time until I tried the MacBook Pro touchpad, I didn’t wish to have a trackpad as the thinkpads and the dells got.
  8. File system performance: it doesn’t blink.
  9. security: well, it comes with a price.

Cons(Kindoff though)

As a windows user, the pro’s of this beast is not enough, the cons are a deal breaker

Keyboard’s Shortcuts: The fact that there is a shortcut for each function saves a lot of space in the keyboard. However, it comes with a price. Overriding these shortcuts in different applications will disable the original functionality.


In order to copy a path, it demands 5 buttons presses, two mouse hovers, and two mouse clicks while in windows it is 4 button presses
On Windows: Alt+D, Ctrl+C
On Mac:

  • Cmd+i: View the folder info
  • Mouse Click: To select the path
  • Cmd+C: To copy the path
  • Mouse Click: To close the info window as Esc doesn’t close it

Starting a terminal

Normally, you need to press a right click and select the terminal:

In windows, right click and then select Git Bash Here

While in mac, If I want to open a terminal in the css folder as shown in the figure below, I need to:

  • select the folder from outside the parent perspective
  • right click → services
  • try to read all the lines there and choose whether to open a new line or a new tab on last viewed terminal

All this is possible only if I enabled the Terminal under the macOS services.

If I install the external terminal iTerm2, it will save me the first step; navigating to the parent in order to right-click the child folder.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 4.41.41.png
After capturing this screenshot, It’s size was 11mb!!! I had to decrease the resolution.

Apple’s concept

I had to wrap my head arround the fact that  navigating to a path via a terminal should be done via a terminal. Windows supports the feature mentioned above due to the fact that it is not a linux.

Attached monitors

I connected two additional monitors via the docking station, The issue is not with the monitor, it is also with the Desktops feature of Mac. Here is a problematic scenario:

  1. Open Finder on Screen 1
  2. Move Finder to Screen 3
  3. Overwrite a file in finder so an alert is generated

The problems:

  1. The alert will appear on screen 1
  2. The mouse can pass between screens only through the mutual sections – mouse will never reach monitor 3 through monitor 2.monitoer


The macOS Design doesn’t adopt the buttons bar. Notepad++ is an example of a basic text editor used by every software developer. If you want to indent the lines, you need to press one button.


On Mac, TextWrangler is considered to be parallel to notepad++. doing the same functionality is a hell to find, as you need to search such an option in the toolbar and then to configure the line length. It needs to be done for each tab.

MacOs is not windows driven OS but application driven OS

Maximize Chrome


How to maximize chrome – Pressing the green button will convert the window to a desktop which is not a wanted behavior if you want to cascade windows. You need to press the alt+shift+


I overcame this issue by installing Spectacle which happened to make life a lot easier dealing with apps windows.

Minimized App

If you open one app several times and you minimize one of them and forgetting about that, you need to go explicitly via the mouse and right click the app bar in order to open it!

After minimizing chrome, you won’t see it on any of the monitor even if you click the logo on the Dock. You need to right click the logo and select the minimized window. if there is any, you need to know by the title which one you want to maximize exactly.

Basic free software

everyone got the right to have a basic software that enables you to remember clipboard. No such a normal app on Apple AppStore. no free app behavior is acceptable as when you open the dropdown list using a shortcut, it never opens from the mouse pointer. Windows got plenty

Ctrl+Shift+V for clipX or Ditto at windows will open a dropdown with the clipboard. There is even a search

Meanwhile, I reviewed all the Appstore free apps, all of them show you the clipboard drop-down list in the center of screen #1. Means, if the cursor is in desktop #3 and you pressed Cmd+Shift+V in order to view the clipboard history, you will be jumped to screen #1 to select the history from a window in the center. for each window, there is only one history, you need to navigate to the right one. only text is memorized. I don’t want to talk about the icon on the corner that shows you everything as this is not how it should work


Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 5.29.37.png
The window is viewed in the center of screen #1 no matter where the cursor is located.

After installing 1Clipboardthis is not an issue anymore. The fact that the klipboard manager is not opened where the cursor is, makes more sense now due to the fact that with windows, this feature is buggy.


sharp edges, your elbows need to be resting on the table, Otherwise, your hand will ache from the sharp edges it got. However, with macbook pro 13” this is not an issue.


backspace and delete when writing text

When you want to delete text after the cursor, There is no Delete button to do so you need to delete using fn+Backspace. since it is a command that is used frequently, two buttons are too much. The same problem with deleting a file, it is could be Cmd+Delete or Fn+Delete. Right-Click and then Delete DOES NOT EXIST!