Downgrading is not easy due to the fact that older installers are removed when a new alpha is up. In this guide, I am going to show how to downgrade nodejs on windows10.


Some packages require a specific versions range of nodejs and npm. for example, version 5 of React-native doesn’t work with npm5.



  1. Delete the current nodejs version (Or delete the relevant nodejs parameters path from the Environment variables as shown in step 6 and 7).
  2. Visit all the nodejs available versions:
  3. Select the version you need. for this guide, i am selecting
  4. Select the windows architecture you need. I selected x86:
  5. Extract the zip file and place it on a permanent folder. for example:
  6. Update windows variables: Press Start button >Write Environment and then select the next option:
  7. In the popped up window, Select Environment Variables
  8. In the popped up window, Edit the Path parameter under User variables for [username] and under System Variables add the path:
  9. Restart the shell you are working on for the environment parameters to be reloaded