In the corporate business, the simple worker is the faithful forecast to the company revenues. May the high position make the crucial decisions. However, The one who will get the job done is the simple employee. Here Comes in handy the bottleneck employee.

A short story to clear the fog, One night, after a beefy barbecue, as I was driving my way home, accompanied with my brother, I moved to the left lane to make a 1 km far left turn. It was an empty street until a driver on the left lane started to dazzle the headlights. A sign for me to switch right as I was driving slow in the left lane. Be it, I moved to the right lane to let him bypass me and then moved back to the left lane. I reached the traffic light to move left and he was there waiting for the green light. as the green light turned on. he didn’t move until I signaled. On the one way street, he stopped for an unclear reason and then started to move slowly getting busy with his cellphone. Here came to my mind this type of people, What a bottleneck human being.

The bottleneck employee is characterized by the attitude he or she attends with every working day.

The bottleneck employee has zero skills related to the position

Such an employee is expert in bubble-sorting an array or running Dijkstra step by step or balancing the AVL. This is why he is where he is. Someone who has no personal projects he didn’t work on or a source code he maintained should majorly be considered.

For the bottleneck employee, a working month is 9 days, weekends and payroll day.

The bottleneck employee is expert at getting the zero effort tasks and act like the whole month is not enough to finish them. You can identify him by the way he explains what he is doing and what is actually required to do.

The bottleneck employee needs help debugging the Hello World code snippet.

You cannot ask him to handle a task without investing 2 hours writing pages what need to be done and mentoring him 2 hours for a kick start. It ends up someone else adding this one line code. You can identify him when he comes up with endless newbie questions and why it is not clear.

The Bottleneck employee is expert at blaming others.

That is legitimate that you get blocked by someone else. However, being professional will help you find a workaround to advance or to professionally discuss it with the relevant teammates. However, the bottleneck employee is always blocked in order to have full time to drink coffee and talking none sense.

The Bottleneck employee is not gender related.