Many people say they are looking for a position that interests them. Is that what a professional engineer should be looking for?

What makes a position to be interesting is the fact that it awakens your eagerness to learn more about it and having fun slaying tasks. This will result in your enjoyment attending work everyday and checkout with a smile as you did something today that satisfy your career goals. However, This is the happy scenario. What the jazz sounds like in reality?

Interesting job for a newbie is a wrong direction

If you are looking for adopting a new skill, don’t look for employer who need that very skill which you don’t have. If this field of skill interests you, try to read about it and create a project in order to irrigate your curiosity.

look for an opportunity to be brilliant and to enrich your already available skills

I’ve been to several so called boring jobs by other coworkers. Though I disagreed as what makes a job to be boring is the fact that the team is not creative enough to bring the vibe. In order to awake the creativity in a boring position, is someone motivated enough to use his/her skills arsenal. What such an employee benefits from walking this way is improving his skills and sharpening them. add to that, the satisfaction this very man gain. The most important part here is that this is the highway to become the team’s guru and to be the first who get compensated.

I’ve been to a QA team working student position. All I was doing is running the same procedure every work day. It was my first job. Nevertheless, it bored me after the first month. A normal man will complain about the job full time, starting from his coworkers and ending with his new born baby. However, I came with a tool arsenal that automates the procedure, which was later adopted by the team. This very tool become my daily work for the fact that i needed to support it and enrich it with features. I learnt many new topics and managed to solve endless issues.

Look for opportunity to be creative in order to become a guru

Becoming a guru by using your skills as already explained, will compensate you and widen your contacts and will strengthen the trust of others in you. At this point, you need the highway merging. Means, you can lead your new ideas by creating a new team and finding a new customers.

Interesting topics are dope to me. However…

Graphics programming is the topic that interests me the most, However, I never was looking for a position to work with this field. What i am doing with it is learning OpenGL and Google ARCore SDK.