Backup your android device for FREE using android app

The goal of this app is to convert your home to be the cloud the easiest way. This app sync your device
files to the SMB storage in your LAN through LAN or through WAN. for security reasons, i recommend to
use LAN.

for free and with one button press

scetch 2.png

What I did exactly in a nutshell

I took advantage of the fact that you can plug a flash drive to your usb router port in order to backup the files you want on your android device to the USB flash drive you plugged into your router.

It is magic, what do i need to do?

  1. Find yourself a flash drive and plug it into the usb port behind your router.
  2. Download the app for FREE on Google_Play_Logo_2855.png.
  3. Connect to the WIFI on your device so the app can reach the flash drive.

Downloaded the app, what next?

Configuration, configuration… configuration:

  1. Refresh the path…if nothing appears then you need to put the username and password of your network storage, if you never played with your router configuration, try the username and password of the router
  2. Validate by pressing the button Screenshot_20170614-222620.png and make sure you get the message below saying your configuration is correct….
  3. Save and press back

easy ha? Now you can rock’n roll

rock’n roll like elvis by pressing the backup button Screenshot_20170614-2246013.png

Annex - Presley, Elvis (King Creole)_10.jpgThis button is found on the main screen:


Am I secured?

No one is secured, we are all doomed. the question is whether can i be the last one on earth?

You are doomed last because:

  1.  you are running on the internal network
  2. by default, the router doesn’t expose the SMB to the external network

So please, don’t worry!